Morel Mushrooms


Sabeel International has sourced world's best tasting Morchella mushrooms from the faraway and wild mountains of Northern Pakistan( Also called Mushroom country).


Each mushroom is carefuly picked up by seasoned picker in hygenically way. These pickers have completed mushroom picking training  They are dried in shaded area to preserve the taste. Packed in plastic bags. These are relish and taste of lifetimes. Our quality control team has inspected each and every mushroom and passed QA.


• Fast delivery

• Product type: mushrooms

• Type: morel

• Style: dried

• Drying process: Shade dried

• Color: brown and black

• Source: wild

• Shelf life: 12 months

• Place of origin: Gilgit, Chitral, Swat, Kaghan,Pakistan

• Standard: Premium Grade

• Length: 4-7cm

• Supply Ability: 2000 Kilograms per Year

• Packaging: Packaging is done as per the international standard


We also have mix grade which is mix of different sizes of morels.