Grinda Honey

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Grinda Honey is light amber in color and not very sweet honey. This honey is noted for its healing properties.

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                       1 Kg.

This honey is extracted by bees from flowers of Grinda plants around Islamabad. This tree is noted for its healing power for respiratory illnesses. It's leaves are grinded to make remedy for clearing respiratory passages in asthma, bronchitis etc.


Grinda bush is native to potohar region and is self grown. It shares habitat with mulberry, acacia, shesham, neem and poplar trees in region with a splendid variety of flora and fauna. Since there is small cultivated land in area, hence there are no pesticides. Honeybees pollinate and forage on flowers that have not been sprayed pesticides, hazardous chemicals. Grinda honey is pure and free from by-product honey that you can get straight from producer.

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